5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

One of the things that many people do not realize is that your hearing health is only as good as the health of the rest of your body. While this may come as a surprise to many, the links have been well-established in recent studies. It turns out that poor habits may have a larger impact on your health than previously known. We will take a close look at specific habits that can harm hearing and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Not Seeing Your Doctor

Most people will consider going to the doctor as something that they can do without. It takes time to schedule and comes with a bill; therefore it is not exactly doing you any favors. However, for people that want to have the best hearing throughout their life, it is important to visit doctors with some regularity because they can track you hearing and give you preventative care as you age.

Having A Sedentary Lifestyle

This is one of the fastest growing bad habits in the world. People eat food that is full of fat and calories, and then do not exercise. The result of this is a lifestyle that leaves you in danger of becoming obese and having diabetes. Either one of these diseases is bad enough on their own, but they come with the complication of poor circulation. This can cause a severe reduction in the aural sensory abilities of the brain since they do not get as much blood as they need. This gives way to hearing loss that occurs over a long period of time and is not able to be corrected.

A No Brainer: Smoking

One of the most easily identified unhealthy habits is smoking. Even children are aware of the problems that smoking can cause. In terms of its effect on hearing, the trouble comes from a buildup of chemicals in the brain that prevent certain sounds from being heard. Over a smoker’s lifetime, this can result in the inability to hear some sounds altogether.

Exposure To Loud Noises

One of the things that most people do every day without thinking is expose themselves to extremely loud noises. This can come in the form of a football game or concert, but many people go headlong into situations that damage their hearing. This habit causes hearing loss by damaging the interior portion of the ear that is supposed to vibrate and send signals to the brain.

Too Much Time On A MP3

There are estimates that cases of deafness will almost double over the next thirty years as people who have spent so many hours getting a direct aural assault by MP3s age. The problem is that when you listen to MP3 players the headphones trap the sound in your ear, leading to severe vibration and damage. This is complicated by the fact that people listen to their music much too loudly.