Earwax Removal – How you’re doing it wrong

Removing the ear wax from your ear can be a very simple process if it is done in the proper way. This can provide the person with relief as well as a renewed ability to hear things around them. Yet, there is only one proper way to remove earwax and several ways that people go about doing it incorrectly. We will look at three utterly terrible ways that you are removing ear wax while showing you why visiting a doctor is a much better idea.

Ear Candle

This is one of the methods of ear wax removal that can result in doing more harm than good to your ear. The idea is that you take a hollow candle with a very long wick and insert it into your ear. Once it is snuggly in there, you light the wick while tilting your head and allowing a wax vacuum to form. After this step is finished, you pull the plug out and all of the ear wax. The problem is that the vacuum has never been formed in lab settings, making this not only impractical, but a dangerous way to have fire inches from your face.

Cotton Swabs

Another one of the worst ways that you can go about cleaning ear wax from your ear canal is by using a cotton swab. This can result in several complications despite showing some superficial results. You may be able to bring out enough wax to coat the tip of the swab, but in doing so, the chances are that you packed even more wax against your ear drum. Another downside of this process is that you can puncture your eardrum in your attempt to get wax out of your ear.

Ear Drops

These ear drops are moderately effective in getting rid of unwanted ear wax. They are very simple to use: you pour in a few drops, allow them to soak into your ear, and then turn your head to allow the mixture to pour out. This is good for those people who suffer from moderate levels of discomfort as a result of ear wax. This can become problematic if the person decides that they want to draw more wax out by using a cotton swab.

Going To The Doctor

Without a doubt, the most effective way of removing ear wax is by having a professional look into your ear and determine the cause of discomfort. They can see whether you have a simple impaction or if you are having symptoms of another problem. They can use special instruments to clean the ear wax out of your ear, restoring comfort to your ear area. They can also put you on a plan that will have you come in for regular cleanings. This is why professionals are the very best way to treat ear wax.