Hearing Dogs – Assistance for hearing loss and the deaf

Everyone has heard about the different ways that a seeing-eye dog is able to help their partner. From guiding them around the house to helping them around town, they are a wonderful way to make everyone feel independent. Now there has been an increase in the amount of hearing dogs that are prevalent around the world. They provide many useful services for people who suffer from hearing impairment and deafness. Here we will take a look at the different ways that a hearing dog can help and how they are trained.

Training Activities

Each of the dogs undergoes very specific training that will determine their ability to help their hearing partner. This training normally lasts anywhere between four and six months, and is meant to instill patient behavior as well as the skills needed to become adept at helping their hearing partner. They are able to respond to common sounds such as the doorbell ringing and can also alert you to emergencies taking place like the smoke alarm going off. With their superior training, hearing dogs are a great tool that can be utilized by people with hearing deficiency.

Obtaining A Hearing Dog

In order to obtain one of these dogs, you must fulfill certain requirements. One of the very first ones is that the applicant must be at least 18 years old. Then they must supply proof that they can care for a dog in terms of providing adequate living conditions and finances. Another one of the things that you must show is that you have a hearing-capable individual that can help you train the dog in the early stages. Finally, you will also need to go through canine training and then yearly training with your dog in order to keep it learning and its skills sharp.

Helping Hearing Impaired People

Once the hearing dog is placed with their partner, they must go through a few weeks of personal training to make sure that they are a good fit in the home and that their behavior is acceptable. However, once this is completed, the dogs will become an absolute necessity in the hearing partner’s life. The dog can alert them to sounds around the home as well as sounds which cause alarm in public.

If you decide to walk through your town or a local area, your hearing dog will be able to help you find the sources of sounds. Just because they are unfamiliar with the sound does not mean that they will not get your attention. If they hear a sound, you will be able to see them change their behavior, which will tell you that something is happening. Over time, you can even train your hearing dog to react to sounds that are common to your living area.