The World’s Smartest Hearing Aid Just Got Smarter

When ReSound launched the world’s first Made for Iphone Hearing Aid last year, it really took our industry by storm. Building on their already successful Verso wireless technology, we now had a hearing aid that could provide an immersive experience for the user. For the first time, clients could control their whole “world of hearing” right from their phone. They could adjust their volume discretely without anyone knowing. They could enjoy phone conversations clearly in both ears with no intermediary device (no ugly thing around the neck like some manufacturers enjoy pretending is discreet), and watch youtube videos, listen to music, and participate in Facetime calls- not only with no interference from their hearing aids, but in a situation where the hearing aids actually make the experience more enjoyable! This incredible new technology, I thought, was the closest thing I have ever seen to a “cool hearing aid”.

At the core of the instrument itself, though, was really the ReSound Verso. This hearing aid, released in late 2012, was a great instrument. We had already been fitting them for almost two years with a lot of success. I knew, however, that more changes would be coming. The connectivity was great, and the hearing aid was top notch, but I had a feeling ReSound had some other hearing technology that wasn’t ready at the time of the initial LiNX launch that wasn’t ready for market yet. I also knew, that some people don’t want to wear a hearing aid that sat behind the ear. It also seemed to me that as good as the initial version of the LiNX was, it was the first of it’s kind on the market. The next product would be more powerful. The next product would be a better instrument. The next product would take into account any user defined “shortcomings” of the original LiNX.

I'm happy to say that next product has arrived. ReSound just launched the LiNX2. LiNX 2 is a full family of revolutionary hearing aids. It’s available in custom in about a dozen the ear styles, as well as a variety of behind the ear styles. The iPhone connectivity has been enhanced with new features that give the user even more control. The discreet new 62 series case can accommodate a size 13 battery- effectively doubling the battery life with no cosmetic sacrifice. A new feature called "Spatial Sense" addresses one of the most common issues reported with ANY hearing aid- the ability to localize sound in a busy room, tell where it is coming from, and allow your brain- not some artificial algorithm- determine what you want to hear amongst competing noise.

In short, I’d say that we’ve never had a hearing instrument this well designed, robust, and, well….. smart. Neither has anyone else. If you’d like to see how the ReSound LiNX can work for you, please call our office at 888-259-2126.