How Noisy Workplaces are Causing Hearing Loss

Going to your job every day can be one of the greatest joys that you can experience. You can do something that is very useful for your community and have a future rife with potential. Yet, there is still the potential for things to go wrong at your job, such as health issues. One of the most common forms of damage that a person can incur at a job is hearing loss. Here we will look at the noisiest jobs that you can have as well as ways to prevent hearing loss.

Nightclub Worker

One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting done work and then meeting friends at a club to socialize. While you can easily get over a little ringing in the ears the next day, for people who work in these conditions, it is not so easy. They are exposed to sounds that can cause hearing damage for an entire work shift, several nights each week. They are not even allowed to wear protective equipment because they often deal with customers.


Construction is one of the dirtiest and toughest jobs that you can have. It is also a position that can result in hearing trauma if you are not careful about protecting your ears. When using jackhammers, power drills, or any form of low velocity gun, you put your hearing in a bad situation. Wearing ear plugs or noise-dampening head phones is a great way to avoid trauma.

Airport Crew

Working on the ground crew at an airport is one of the loudest conditions that you will encounter in a workforce. The planes that take off at these areas can easily generate upwards of 170 decibels of sound; more than enough to cause hearing damage to unprotected ears. However, most ground crew people wear personal protective equipment that completely blocks sounds from entering into their ear canals.

Concert Worker

Much like a person at a nightclub, a concert security venue worker is subjected to incredibly loud noises in the form of music and screaming. In many cases, they have to stand right next to speakers in order to keep people from climbing over the barriers. To protect their hearing, most people wear ear plugs, even though the reverberating sounds can still cause them harm.


Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the entire world. It requires men and women to go into the earth and pry minerals and metals from the ground. They use heavy machines and explosives in order to complete this task, both of which can cause permanent hearing loss if they are not careful. For the most part, miners wear ear plugs when they are in the presence of these loud sounds.