As hearing loss has multiple causes, no prevention method can “guarantee” successful prevention. There are, however steps you can take to avoid damage from outside sources.

Prevention of Ear Infection

Maintain healthy grooming habits

Keep you ears clean and dry. Your physician can advise you as to how to properly clean your ears without danger of damage or increasing the likelihood of wax impaction.

Wear swim plugs, especially in lake and ocean water

“Swimmers Ear” is one of the most common causes of Otitis Media, or ear infection. The chance of infection is increased in “wild” water, as the bacterial and viral levels of the water can be elevated beyond that of treated water. Custom swim plugs are relatively inexpensive, and have been shown to reduce the occurrence of swimmers ear.

Prevention of Nerve Damage

Occupational Hearing Protection

Custom earplugs can be comfortably worn all day, and create an effective protective barrier between you and loud sounds, lessening their impact on your hearing in both the short and long term.

Hunters Plugs

Gunfire causes damage to the nerve cells in your ear more than most sounds. For a hunter, however, the need for hearing protection must be balanced with the need to hear and be aware of your surroundings. Standard muffs and foam plugs can ruin a day in the field. Our custom hunters plugs are able to reduce the impact of loud sounds, while enabling you to hear softer sounds at a near-normal level. We also have electronic hunter plugs available that can enhance the sounds of animals in the brush, effectively giving you “super hearing” for the hunt, while protecting you from the sound of your firearm.


iPod’s and MP3 players cause hearing damage in young and old people alike when the volume is set too loud. When competing background noise is a factor, most users turn up their music to unsafe levels just to hear the music normally. We offer custom made headphone adapters and audiophones that sound better than any standard headphone, and reduce background noise by up to 85%. This allows you to enjoy your music with incredible fidelity without doing damage to you ears.

For the musician

As most of us at Ear Level are musicians, we understand your needs better than any other "hearing aid store". We sell high end hearing protection for the musician, including earplugs designed to let you hear all the music while protecting you from noise exposure. Also we offer several varieties of custom made monitors for the stage performer. We know how to interface this equipment with your pa system and mixing board, and can offer advice on performance with audio monitors.