Denial (also called “do nothing” )

Most everyone tries this solution first. The first step is to tell everyone around you they mumble. Then you begin to withdraw from social situations and avoid group conversations. Denial is obviously not a solution for hearing loss, although it is usually the first step. Encouragement from family members is really important to help these individuals take a step towards actually doing something about it. Most people don’t get hearing aids because they decide they want to improve their hearing. They actually decided to get hearing aids because the people they love want to communicate with them. Until they realize this, and how much hearing aids can benefit their relationships, many people will choose denial over treatment.

Hearing Test

When you have decided that denial is not your solution any longer, you should call us for a hearing test. This will cost you nothing, and you will be under no obligation to buy anything. You will, however, be educated on the type of hearing loss you have and shown the proper path to better solutions. At this point, you can decide if you are ready to take the step toward better hearing and communications through hearing aids or other assistive technology.

Assistive Listening Devices

Not ready for a hearing aid? We have a variety of devices including amplified phones, doorbell signalers, and television amplifiers to meet your needs. These items are typically much less expensive than hearing aids and can really improve the quality of your life. Even if you feel your hearing loss isn’t "hearing aid worthy", you may find a solution specifically designed for a common problem you have (like understanding the television), is the best place to start.