What’s FREE

Free Hearing Test – Includes Pure Tone Audiometry (Air and Bone), Speech Reception Threshold, Most Comfortable Level, Uncomfortable Level, Auditory Discrimination, Speech in Noise.

Free Video Otoscopy – You’ll see what we see on a large flat panel monitor as we ensure that your ear canal shows no contraindication for hearing aids.

Free Consultation – Our knowledgeable Amplification Consultants will advise you on the options available to you based on your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget. They will advise you on insurance or Medicaid benefits, out of pocket costs, and if necessary, financing options.

Free Live Speech Mapping (most locations) – Our Knowledgeable Amplification consultants will analyze your hearing instruments’ performance relative to your hearing loss and in ear acoustics. This can be used to troubleshoot your current hearing aid (even if you received it from a competitor), or fine tune the performance of a new one.

Free Programming For Life on all Ear Level Purchases – A digital Hearing Instrument can (and should) be adjusted over time to compensate for any lifestyle or hearing loss changes. If you purchase a hearing instrument from us, we will continue to reprogram it at no charge as long as you own it.

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