Cut Through the Clutter For Better Sound Clarity with Wireless Hearing Aid Technology

Whether you already have a hearing aid or are thinking about finally getting one, you should know many models have the same problem. If you’re in a room with just one sound source most will do the job, but…

Put a few more sounds in there, you know, someone talking in the background, or a radio in the next room or the neighbors’ TV – and your prized hearing aid has a problem. It has problems cutting through the clutter.

You know the feeling – like trying to find your favorite pair of socks buried away at the back of your dresser drawer – your hearing aid can’t find the one sound you want to hear.

So what can you do to hear better, cut through the clutter and how can today’s new wireless hearing aid technology help you? Keep reading, and then call Ear Level Communications at

Imagine you’re watching television from your favorite armchair. Your hearing aid is working fine until… the kids sit down in front of you and start a conversation, the clattering of dishes from the kitchen sink fills the house, the neighbors basset hound begins to bark, and your neighborhood’s annual firework extravaganza comes a day early.

Can your hearing aid cut through the clutter so you can hear your favorite TV show?

Or what happens when you’re in the car and the phone rings, and you can see from your caller ID it’s your son, who has finally figured out how to dial home from college?

You pull over and put your phone up to your ear, but with all the other cars going by, the noise of your engine, the breeze blowing etc – you can barely make out a word. How annoying is that?

Shouldn’t your hearing aids be able to cut through the clutter to help you hear what you want?